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\"\"Dr. Martin B. Kormanik

President & CEO
Martin B. Kormanik became President & CEO in 2001. His specialty is human resource and organization development (OD), with subject matter expertise in executive and leadership development, negotiation and conflict management, workforce diversity and human capital management, teambuilding, individual and organizational learning, change management, and strategic planning. Read more about Dr. Kormanik here.


Dr. Annette K. Sturdevant

Annette K. Sturdevant founded O.D. Systems in 1980. As President & CEO, she provided vision, leadership, and direction for O.D. Systems. Comprehensive assessment using an organization development (OD) approach was the keystone of her work. Her credibility was outstanding due to her ability to recognize the interdependencies of human resource and line functions to help diagnose and address productivity and morale issues. 

Her astute ability to diagnose organizational dynamics, provide leadership for the development of improvement strategies, and articulate clear and concise game plans for change earned her a reputation as a trusted colleague. She remains highly regarded among our clients.
We often accomplish client requirements through strategic affiliations—partnerships based on long-term commitment to our corporate philosophy of providing options for productivity through people. These affiliates bring targeted knowledge, skills, and capabilities needed for each specific client project. Some are independent consultants.