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Our Clients

Private corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

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Our clients are diverse, including private sector corporations, nonprofit associations, and governmental agencies.  Whether a high-tech start-up or a multinational telecommunications corporation, a two-person doctor’s office or a comprehensive healthcare system, an individual law firm or a law school, we have experience working in all forms of organizational settings and systems. Our standard of excellence compels us to work with clients who are willing to examine and address tough issues.  We often hear statements like:

This is not at all what I expected.  I usually don’t want to participate in these sessions because nothing gets accomplished.  This was really positive.

For the first time, I feel like I really got heard.

You take extremely boring topics and make them interesting by providing useful examples of what our job is really like.

I really get the sense that you care about helping us. I’ve been avoiding this class; but, I decided to come because the hall talk has been terrific.

Your work has brought out the best in us. It’s amazing how much you know about us.  You guys really do your homework!

Our exceptional track record shows we are adept at providing leadership and direction to our clients—consistently and economically.  As a result of our continuous consultative client relationships, almost all new clients come through referral. Over the years our associates have provided services to: